Ships are safe in the harbour.
But this is not what ships are built for…

Are you dissatisfied with your work or would like to reflect a job re-orientation? Are you looking for more balance in your life or thinking about how exactly you could improve your time and self management? Do you ask yourself how to improve your communication and self marketing skills? And what about your self-leadership & leadership skills?

Then take the time for yourself and find your way!
As your personal pilot I will be glad to come “on board” of your ship and discover together with you the sea of your undreamed-of possibilities. My specialty: solution oriented hypnosis to bring you into contact with the power of your unconscious areas of mind. You will always be in control of what happens and discover safely what wants to be seen, find sometimes unexpected and creative ways…

Together we will find your solution in a determined, sustainable and creative way.

Please feel free to contact me via mail or phone. In a first exchange (max. 30 min., free of charge, also possible via skype if you are living abroad or travelling) we will clarify your needs, your questions and your invest.

Travelling a lot?
After an initial face-to-face coaching it is also possible to continue working by skype or phone.

Take the chance to gain a new perspective! I am looking forward to meeting you!

For more information  about me and my professional background please see my LinkedIn profile.

Ruf mich an oder schreib mir!

Fix:  +49.2173.856238
Mob: +49.172.238 2156

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